VCP 8.0.3 is ready to download.

VCP 8.0.3 is ready to download.

What is new :

  • updated and reviewed ODX database (fault path added to 90% of available ECUs)
  • support for Golf VII FL (in fact nothing new here :)
  • support for VW Atlas (based on MQB platform)
  • output tests for UDS control units are now available
  • You can now organize the ECU-access-buttons on main screen using ECU Favourites editor. Documentation : http://www.vag-tech.com/vagcanpro/pdfs/VCP_Manual.pdf updated
  • Autoscan reports (txt only) now consist informations about slave control units and full fault path when available
  • workaround for some 1K0 Hella BCMs not displaying slave info
  • bugfixing in Parameter uploader (opening not supported file after the supported one displayed wrong info)
  • improved DoIP routines
  • Free promotional VIM unlock for MLB-Evo (VIM up to 70km/h) added to vcpwebif.com . Promotion ends 2017.02.14


VCP WebIF is available.

We introduce new, remote solution for MLBevo diagnose.This is a client-server solution, based on lightweight DoIP client and web-application installed in cloud. Service is free in promotional period with limitations.

So, you can now supply your customers with a very cheap DoIP cable and the make remote codings and adaptations. Application is well tested with A4 8W and Q7 4M, We plan to keep this app up to date and add new features as usual.

If you own a blog / fansite / forum etc, we offer a API to connect your website with our server . So, you'll able to make your own diagnostics panel for users. Contact support for more details.

URL: https://www.vcpwebif.com



VCP 8.0.2 is ready to download.

VCP 8.0.2 is ready to download.

What is new :

  • Added full support for Skoda Octavia 5E Facelift
  • Added support for Porsche Cayenne (MLB platform)


New DoIP client 0.7

  • server connection speeded up
  • improved support for Bentley Bentayga



Radio unit 4H0.035.082x USA->EU conversion script

We just finished Radio unit 4H0.035.082x USA->EU conversion script. It converts USA Band to european one. No need to remove the radio , solder eeprom etc. After conversion radio fully works in European Union.

Script is payed. Contact sales for quote.